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Recognizing that each client is an individual – creative and unique – and that all deserve an opportunity to be happy, successful, and enjoy life, I foster a caring and nurturing approach. Serving the Washington, D.C. area, I offer a clinical approach which utilizes a strengths-based perspective, allowing for personal strengths to aid in recovery and empowerment of each individual. As a result, treatment promotes hope through the exploration of precedent successes as positive building blocks that serve as the foundation for growth and change.

Incorporating neurofeedback with psychotherapy allows for interruption of emotionally based patterns of reactivity in the brain faster than we are consciously aware of them. With the combination, most clients see results faster than psychotherapy alone.

Whether it’s individual, group or family, my clinical services are designed to provide further insight into challenges, provide learning opportunities, and to encourage commitment to making life improvements.

For more information about the services I offer, please call with inquiries or to schedule an initial consultation: (202) 656-3438 or email me at: MLHammocklicsw@monicahammock.com

(202) 656-3438    |    MLHammocklicsw@monicahammock.com    |    Serving the Washington, D.C. area